Mail client settings

Below you can find detailed settings for any email client. During client configuration you should replace sample domain with name of your domain.

Incoming mail server:

Unencrypted connection: 110
Encrypted connection STARTTLS: 110
Encrypted connection SSL / TLS: 995

Unencrypted connection: 143
Encrypted connection STARTTLS: 143
Encrypted connection SSL / TLS: 993

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
Unencrypted connection: 25
Encrypted connection STARTTLS: 25
Encrypted connection SSL / TLS: 465

Full email, for example

E-mail password that was indicated in the cPanel by creating the appropriate email account.

Using an encrypted connection there is a possibility to get the message about a certificate mismatch.
The certificate must confired and saved at the exclusion list, otherwise the operations with e-mail in an encrypted mode will be not available.

SMTP server authorization
You should enable authentication mode in the SMTP server settings (My outgoing server requires authentication).
Username and password - the same as that of the incoming mail server.

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